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Nature - light - offers Bornholm heavens & sea, freshness air. The island

Bornholm is created by nature with cliffs, countries, woods, seas
and beaches. Nature is untouched and with a large number of species and the light offers
every day new colours and experiences. The air is clean and works how

Medicine for the guests and the population of the island.
Svaneke lies port of its own at the Baltic Sea and the easternmost is and
the smallest town of Denmark with idyllic half-timbered houses
Protection of historical monuments. We offer holiday homes which are private and fitted out well,

Town halls and holiday dwellings in different Grössen.
Year-round letting out.

And we is the best and most peaceful time spring and autumn winter prices run till Maj ends.

Svanekeferie - Bornholm
 Der Freizeitpark mit Tierpark fuer die ganze Familie
Pernille Boelskov wurde 1980 in Dänemarks südlichen Teil Fünens geboren. Sie ist Autorin und Journalistin.
pa Maison du Nord er plads til alle generationer.

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