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Carefree holidays at the gold rivulet "Gyldenså" amongst woods country and corridor ...

Two simply suit our guest families in the rural style into modernized main grand piano but flats with complete equipment at the disposal usefully established and area moderately generous.
Se plan your holidays, as you wish so:

Come in spring, summer, autumn or winter.
You live into or off-season well and cheap on Gyldensgård

You always find 10.000 sqm of a park-like garden an angle into which you can retire and relax while yours frisk "juniors" on the wide area, find out the Gyldensflüßchen and the little waterfall on ours round

Are...unforgettable the mild middle summer's evenings a cool small glass at smoking grill fire to this? Or you conclude the day with a walk in the direction of the setting sun! Of the hill of the switching path you enjoy the look at the deep blue sea.
By the way, to foot by woods and country along the Gyldenså,
sind's nur rund zwanzig Minuten ins idyllische Bølshavn!

Gyldensgård - Bornholm
 Der Freizeitpark mit Tierpark fuer die ganze Familie
Pernille Boelskov wurde 1980 in Dänemarks südlichen Teil Fünens geboren. Sie ist Autorin und Journalistin.
pa Maison du Nord er plads til alle generationer.

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