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Hasle Familiecamping is a modern 3-star camp site with all facilities needed for a successful vacation experience.

The site is situated near the woods and the beach.Very good accessibility for vehicles and caravans, new luxury cabins, caravans and house tents with inventory.In a quiet area (The Oasis) we do offer a roofed dining facility close to sanitary facilities. Suitable for guests with tents.

On our Camp Site many activities for children are available…. Such as a Super Jumper, 2 jumping pads , Moon cars, miniature golf and a traditional children’s playground. Further more we have an Internet Café, Hotspot, Family bathrooms, baby care, Disability bath- and toilets, Dining room and Television room.Throughout summer time (Main season), we have arranged activities for children three times every week.

We look forward to welcome you to our camp site.


 Brændesgårdshaven  Danchelshus  Frydenlund  Lyngholt Familie Camping

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