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The name Borre comes from castle and points out that, in the Middle Ages, there is a castle which also was lived up to the construction of the Hammerhus 1250 located.
Borregaard was in the hands of many sexes which we can trace back up to the 15th century

The nature reason is run through by a Mühlenbach (Møllebækken) and the remains of an old water-mill are below the garden.

The offshore area of 82 m. over the sea-level fells Hammervandet - the Baltic Sea between Bornholm and skåne in Südschweden - bevel westwards to and the view arranges to be free through this over the third-largest shipping channel of the world.

A direct one leads down path from the Borregaard to the pretty fishing village Vang and on the coastal path or on the granite plate over the lovely castle heath - Slotslyngen - to the Hammershusruine. The way which leads also to one of the many bicycle paths of the island winds by the Finnedal or in an opposite direction by the Ringedal, Blaaskinsdal to Jons Kapel. To investigate the possibilities, nature are nearly unlimited.
However, the most excellent is still the unique play if the sun sinks in the sea and they can enjoy this from your own terrace.

Vestre Borregaard - Bornholm
 Brændesgårdshaven  Dueodde Sommerhus  Kræmmerhuset Blomsterhaven  Svaneke Vandrerhjem

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