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 Ferienhaus / Sommerhus  Wepihama

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Sandvig Familiecamping lies the camping site directly to a 600 hectares state nature reserve in the north of Bornholm, in a distance of 200 metres to the sandy beach in the east grentzt.

Nearbier surroundings among other things one finds Hammerknuden "hammer Fyr" with the two Leuchttümen and both date, "Hammerodde Fyr", from the time around 1800 ends. They also find the emblem of Bornholm, the castle ruin, "Hammerhus" and the necessary "Slotslyngen" here.

A part of the camping site is part of the nature reserve Hammerknuden. We take consideration the valuable nature away from here ¨ particularly. The access therefore is not allowed to vehicles for cars, Wohnwägen and others on the places located more high.

Which one does have many natural barriers the place as a perfect windbreak work?

The place Sandvig for the boat port is located in the west of the place, it is less than 200 metres to the purchase possibilities and to the numerous restaurants and cafés.

Sandvig Familiecamping - Bornholm
 Brændesgårdshaven  Ekkodalen  Lyngholt Familie Camping  Ferielejlighed Søanneks 2

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