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Madsebakke ist Bornholms und damit Dänemarks größtes Feld mit Felsenzeichnungen

GPS: 55,28136 N - 14,79039 O

One finds 12 more or less weathered pictures of ships here. A couple of small Flüßen, wheel spiders and a lot of shell-like deepenings, would outline of.

The ships show different forms, they go to all directions, welces dvon shows that they were hacked at different times.

Over rock drawings
Rock drawings are, pictures and signs which was hacked in stones and rock areas in the Bronze Age (1800- 500 v. Chr.) Simple shell-like deepenings, outlines of little rivers, circle sign and wheel spiders are the most ordinary rock signs in Denmark. The signs are found also together with more understandable pictures of people and animals. The rock drawings have zweifelos had a religious meaning. One will hardly find a sure Erklährung for the strange picture world. Rock drawings are known to us from large portions of Western Europe. They can be found in Bornholm primarily in Denmark.

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Bornholmsk Ordbog giver adgang til bornholmske glossarer

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