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Almindingen is a sight in itself with its many different impressions. But one can choose his aims because one cannot anyway find out these excellent woods on a day.
One goes Alpine pasture things the first ones one must, so of course on the outlook tower "Rytterknægten" which is the highest point of the island with its 162 metres.

The beautiful castle lake with remains of the old royal castle is must also one if only a short visit of Alpine pasture things plan you.
Or you go to Bolsterbjerg which has developed into a restaurant out of a forester's lodge with activity possibilities for children.

By the way: The forestry commission has Almendingens sights returned a trail map, where such as: Rokkestenen (shaking stone which shakes after many years again), plant test area, Aboretet, Rømers Minde, Gamleborg and much more, described is.

 Brændesgårdshaven  GALLERI KLEJN  Bådudlejning - Outdoor  Restaurant Margeritten

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