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The main street of Vang leads in several meanders
steep down to the sports and fishing port,
half-timbered houses got one line well at this are
A really beautiful view of the place laid out terracedly offers itself from the port to the many yachtsmen who anchor here

Vang does not have any big tourist sights with the exception of a small, under monument protection water-mill but many well bar visitors have nevertheless the little fisherman place chosenly because of his beautiful position to their favourite aim.
In the past, Vang was a lively place, this one Steinhauerei of 1896 to 1967 80 gave residents work.

 Der Freizeitpark mit Tierpark fuer die ganze Familie
Pernille Boelskov wurde 1980 in Dänemarks südlichen Teil Fünens geboren. Sie ist Autorin und Journalistin.
pa Maison du Nord er plads til alle generationer.

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