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Safety at sea

You hear the current local weather report TV page 418 and 421 under the phone number 1853 () and 1854 ( English) or you look at the weather report on television Dr. Text before beginning of the journey German.

The usual inter ship channel between the Trollinganglern in Bornholm is channel 72.
If you do not have a VHF radio or radio certificate, then you should have a mobile telephone.
Check your safety and rescue equipment before you sting into sea.

Inform when you expect your return, and hold on to the time given by you.

As a minimum requirement at the Trolling in the Baltic Sea the boatman must unite driver's licence be able to have another proof of ability for sport boats or better and show knowledge of the navigation and navigation regulation with that.

You should have nautical charts if electronics stops once.
Even if the salmon fever burns, you shall not go in bad weather at sea.

The following rule of thumb should always be observed no matter for how experienced one lasts:
Little jolly boats should stay with a strength of the wind of more than 6-8 m/s in the port.

All-round boats of 15-17 foot at a strength of the wind of more as 8-10 m/s and big offshore boats of 18 feet and over this at a strength of the wind of more as 12-13 m/s.
Of course the safety equipment of the boat and the personal equipment must be checked in front of the Trollingfahrt.

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