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 Ferielejlighed Søanneks 2

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The wholesale cooperative of the acquisition fishermen in Nexø sells a detailed sea card book (Kurt Gummesens Kortmappe Til Fiskeribrug) with GPS positions of good fish places in the Baltic Sea.

Ask about the local weather report - tel:
in German or English sub-tel: +45 3838 3636, or you look at the weather signals in the teletext Dr. Tekst-TV page 418.
If you do not have a VHF radio or radio certificate, then you take a mobile telephone along.

Ask about the rules to the marking of fishery equipment and notice the equipment of the acquisition fishermen.
Check safety and rescue equipment before you sting into sea.
Let know when you return, and you adhere to the mentioned time.
Great Bootkescher are natural.
Cord strength 0,40 - 0,50 mm.

The announcements about certain forms of the Sportangelns treat among others the Trolling and permanently are revised, you receive current information from fishing control, Fiskerikontrollen.
Please take into account: A "boat bill" is required for most Trollingboote.

You receive nearer information from the "Søfartsstyrelsen".

 Brændesgårdshaven  Christiansøfarten  Le Port  Ferielejlighed ved Hammersø

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