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Fishing Tiefentrollingsrigge from little boats with echo sounder, navigator, is an American hinge method which has more and more found supporters.

The fairways around Bornholm have developed into the nordic Trollingmekka since the heavy salmon appointments have increased the chances into the Baltic Sea enormously to catch shiny salmon on search for food silverly.

The Baltic Sea generally is more than fitted with salmon well.
Still is except for all professional equipment of this for sports hinges the fish determines the talk, where sovereign, whether it bites or not.

Therefore nobody shall expect to be able to indulge himself in salmon only because one goes out to the sea by a boat. Exactly as in the case of every other form of the angling a part knowledge, great staying power and a proper portion of luck is part also here of the success.

But the salmon are out there and 5-11 kg of copies regularly are dragged ashore.
The temporary record is a chunk of over 22 kg!
Yes, even if dealing with the Trolling equipment is not familiar to one everybody can use the equipment according to a short instruction so can on salmon catch go, also the most distinctive landlubber.

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