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 Kræmmerhuset Blomsterhaven

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Klostergaarden is the oldest pension on Bornholm. It is a former town court set up in one and found general recognition already 1901. The pension is in Allinge on the north top the Bornholm.
The pension is only 50 m away from the coast (4 located min. to the sandy beach) but centrally in a quiet quarter of the town.

The comfortable rooms are into the old outbuildings and in the main building with a bath of their own. Big, comfortable day rooms are located in the main building.

One looks in one real Bornholmer garden from the dining hall with old trees and cliff games. They get the quiet and the birdsong geniessen into the inside garden.

It is a little quite special to spend its holidays here because surroundings have one be within less days trusted and established the first contacts. An island is, already a little world of its own in himself these are worthwhile to investigate. Dive into this world, they learn the people and your habits know.

Pension Klostergården - Bornholm
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