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Thomas Ibsen had a good idea ...
and it passed almost 5 years with this test more differently recipes etc. more oldly

It was the basic idea that the taste and the quality shall be the trademark of Svaneke Bolcher.

You found as the right localities Svaneke Bolcher was founded.
Our Bolcher with company logo which you must calculate at an order with a waiting time were developed until after years and are such a big success today.

Svaneke Bolcher is residently Svaneke in a merchant property old more than 200 years on the market place of the idyllic little place in Bornholm.

The owner, Thomas Ibsen, sailed as a learnt ship's cook over the oceans more than 18 years.

About 10 are in the season and in the winter 2-3 persons turned on.
Only old manual techniques come to the application at the production and a strong weight is put on quality and taste.

Svaneke Bolcher - Bornholm
 Der Freizeitpark mit Tierpark fuer die ganze Familie
pa Maison du Nord er plads til alle generationer.
Hotel HAMMERSØ - Urlaub für Erwachsene
Charmantes, frisch renoviertes idyllisches Holzferienhaus für 2 Personen

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