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 Bornholm Rundt Marchen

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At the northern coast of Bornholm between tannin and Gudhjem,

Døndalen - Bornholm


"Døndalen" at close quarters lies at the northern coast of Bornholm between tannin and Gudhjem of the Bornholmer museum of art.

One finds about 700 metres from the coast into the valley the highest waterfall (Døndalen) of Denmark, the Døndalenfall, with a complete descent of about 20 Metern. "Det dønnar" the Bornholmer say, if the water particularly in spring - herunterdonnert.
Therefore the name "Døndalen".


The two sides of the "Døndalen" go almost half a kilometre moves to each other in the direction of the column. The northwestern rock face rises approx. 25 metres vertically over the valley bottom today certainly, too.
Bornholm was covered by the inland ice during the ice age.
When the melt started, the ice retired in a northeasterly direction.

One suspects, that the edge of the ice lay crossways over the valley for a while and with that the expiry of this one
Snow water prevented into the sea.
So an ice lake formed in the valley, into soft fine loam was deposited.
After the ice had retired completely of the island, the water got freely into the sea fliessen later again.

Since then, the Døndalenbach presses itself by the loam which slipperily makes the paths in damp periods.

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 Bornholm Rundt Marchen

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