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Østerlars surely has been confessed most,
by his impressive round church.
But other sights still can be found here.
For example: "Stavehøl" Denmark's biggest waterfall . or a Middle Ages centre built newly where the Middle Ages are lived very closely.
Even if Østerlars is not a large town, one finds much business so in and at the secondary road which leads to Svaneke from Rønne by Østerlars.
If one is interested in ceramic, then you find one ceramists also here which are confessed particularly for your characteristic and imaginative art here.
Ancient enthusiasts do not come too briefly either. An ancient dealer lies directly at the main street.
Unfortunately, no camping site is directly in Østerlars but on the way
Slettegård which rents out holiday dwellings lies direction Gudhjem,
and where they find a simple camping site.

Bornholm Ferie -  BrændesgårdshavenFerie, action, oplevelse og forlystelser for hele familien  Kræmmer huset Kunsthåndværk
 Rutsker Feriecenter

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