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If one drives Svaneke from Gudhjem direction, one comes by Bølshavn and Listed,


One drives Svaneke from Gudhjem direction, most houses one comes by Bølshavn and Listed if the secondary road which winds like a cord along the rocky coast lie and most right on the left where, two little old fisherman places. Many of the houses have been got (half-timbering thatched roof etc. in your original state)

The citizens have in Liested, the more greatly of the two places done very much for the place picture. There are for example, arts and crafts business, restaurants and a bekanter goldsmith.
Nature, the port, embellishes with a kind flair the where yachtsman and also guests, these with other vehicles come, in the one of easing Athmophäre recover and can relax
Listed port was the first port which was laid out at the northern coast but it was extended correctly only 1982 for the native fishermen, since the development did not have stayed to bigger boats any more

One also has one intend place set up from the Auffbau by the ship in the port which went down in front of Listed. One can see the remains of the ship run aground in this house.
Stand a Grupe between Bølshavn and Listed at the Gyldens brook (å) making feeling one. The group consists of a high stone and several small one.

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