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Marking of fishery equipment

Nets at the seabed (e.g. codfish net) and net cords (e.g. trout nets) are fixed, marked with two flags at the western end and a flag at the eastern one.
One can if necessary go closely past the buoy to lee, you always keep, however, distance to windward well!
You should keep distance to the fishery equipment other generally.

The salmon hook equipment of the leisure anglers consists of a rigid buoy/flag and a free-running rope with little swimmers and a double swimmer at the end, a ball or a plastic container.
Particularly at the departure in the twilight the equipment can be recognized heavily.

It is always therefore sensible, at the beginning of at first to mark and to realize the positions, on which side and with which course this one be able to get buoys happened.
You drive close carefully to the first salmon buoys which you see and notice you, how the rope relatively lies to the buoy you pay attention, however, to it, whether and as the direction of the flow changes in the course of the day!

Keep away from the miles long salmon cords of the acquisition fishermen, highlighted with a flag per 80 hooks and the driftnet rows with light buoys/flags per 20 nets, marked!
The fishing to which Trollingboote are seldom away fortunately takes place far outside for the most part on sea and at a time of day.

If you must fish in the early early morning hours absolutely for any reason in the salmon season, then you look around very exactly and furthermore you follow possible instructions of the acquisition fishermen about VHF, channel 72.
The fishermen always stay namely nearby their equipment.
If you have no VHF or radio certificate, then you keep away from the salmon places in the season of the acquisition fishermen.
Notice the announcements as for the rest to the marking of equipment.

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